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Micro - from $247

The Micro is the smallest OTC Hearing Aid (Hearing Enhancer) from Hear It Now and would suit a customer who wants the most discrete option.


Mini - from $299

The Mini OTC Hearing Aid (Hearing Enhancer) has the added rocker switch, which allows you to adjust the volume. Slightly larger than Micro with the same discreet fit


Deluxe - from $399

The Deluxe Bundle offers the Mini OTC Hearing Aid (Hearing Enhancer) with the benefit of an additional year warranty and $199 worth of extras for only $99 more.


What's in the box?

Every purchase of either the Micro or Mini OTC Hearing Aid (Hearing Enhancer) comes with the standard inclusions. If you are looking for value for money, there is the Deluxe Bundle which includes everything you need to hear better plus more.

Standard Inclusions

  • OTC Hearing Aid (Hearing Enhancer - Micro - $247 OR Mini - $299)
  • Fitting kit
  • Cleaning kit
  • 1 x packet high-performance batteries
  • Acclimatisation guide
  • Button battery recycle guide

Deluxe Bundle Extras

  • Everything in the standard bundle PLUS
  • Listening and communication strategies handbook
  • An extra one year warranty
  • Drying chamber
  • An additional 4 x packets of high-performance batteries

Not sure which option to choose? Head to our comparison page for a closer side by side feature guide.



Ian from Adelaide (Mini Sound Enhancers)
Ian from Adelaide (Mini Sound Enhancers)

“After many years of putting up with hearing difficulty in groups and watching TV I came across Hear it Now who were promoting a modern, discreet, affordable solutions to improve my hearing delivered to my doorstep. They arrived within a few days. The instructions were clear and simply to understand (including their online video help). Sound is clear and crisp, fully adjustable with the volume control.  I am more than happy to recommend these sound enhancers.”

Julia from Henley Beach
Julia from Henley Beach

“I am 52 years of age, and I am aware I have a slight hearing loss. I found the Sound Enhancers to be excellent while in a group situation; having dinner while the TV was in the background. I have in the past, found hearing devices irritating in my ears. I found the Sound Enhancers to be comfortable and easy to wear - Thank you so much.”


Carol from Walkerville
Carol from Walkerville

“A great outcome for a very affordable price. This has helped me reconnect with my grandkids and friends. It took me a few goes to place the device in my ear but once I did, it has been no issue since. Easy simple payment process.”

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