Drying Chamber

The heat, humidity and perspiration can lead to a build up of moisture inside your OTC Hearing Aid (Sound Enhancer). In order for your Sound Enhancer to work more efficiently, it is best to regularly use our Drying Chamber. Your Sound Enhancer will thank you for keeping it dry.

The drying chamber is designed to draw moisture from the device. The OTC Hearing Aid (Sound Enhancer) can be placed in the drying chamber overnight, along with the  desiccant crystal, which is included… and presto, goodbye moisture.

A friendly reminder to remove the batteries from the devices before placing them in the drying chamber.

For instructions on how to use the drying chamber, visit our resource page.

What’s included?

  • Drying chamber
  • Desiccant crystal pack
  • Foam pad
  • Written instructions


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