Fitting Kit

To ensure the longevitiy of your OTC Hearing Aid (Sound Enhancer) is maintained, we recommended using a genuine fitting kit. This kit includes the full range of tubes and domes for a precise fit.

For instructions on how to select the right tube and dome combination, plus fitting instructions, visit our resource page.

This fitting kit is suitable for both the Micro and Mini OTC Hearing Aid

What’s included?

  • Thin tubes – 3 sizes
    • 1x size 0, left & right tube
    • 1x size 1, left & right tube
    • 1x size 2, left & right tube
  • Domes – 4 sizes, two types
    • 1x small open dome
    • 1x medium open dome
    • 1x larger open dome
    • 1x closed dome
  • 5x thin tube cleaning sticks
  • Written instructions


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