Mini | OTC Hearing Aid (Hearing Enhancer)

One – $299.00 | Left & Right – $598.00


The Mini is a German engineered Hearing Enhancer made to the highest standards. The Mini takes the stage in both our stand-alone purchase option as well as our Deluxe Bundle. Each Sound Enhancer is quality checked before it leaves Hear It Now.

The Mini Hearing Enhancer has the added rocker switch, which allows you to adjust the volume level by up to +-10dB SPL. It is slightly larger than the Micro, although still sits discreetly behind the ear.

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  • European Certified
  • Three listening settings;
    • Everyday – default setting for everyday use
    • Speech in noise – designed to listen to speech when in noisy situations
    • Comfort – for maximum comfort in very noisy environments
  • Push button to change the listening settings
  • Rocker switch to adjust volume
  • Colour: Silver-grey
  • Omnidirectional microphone
  • Adaptive Noise Reduction (ANR)
  • Adaptive Feedback Cancellation
  • Four channels to precise sound quality
  • Low battery indicator to alert you when to change the battery
  • Fitting kit
  • Cleaning kit
  • 1-year warranty* on manufacturer defaults
  • Size 312 battery. 160 hours of use.

*Warranty covers manufacturer defaults only. Please read the warranty page for further details.


Left, Right, Both


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