What is a Sound Enhancer?

Sound Enhancers like our exclusive Micro and Mini, are non-prescription hearing devices. A helpful analogy is to think of non-prescription glasses. They come pre-set with three sound settings to assist people to hear better and be on their way to better conversations.

A Sound Enhancer looks like a hearing device, although it is not diagnostically fit or personalised to the person’s exact hearing loss.

The sound output of each device is designed to suit individuals with slight to mild hearing difficulty. Our ‘Will a Sound Enhancer help’ page will run through a series of self-check questions to help you <add hyperlink to page>.

Each Sound Enhancer comes with four different dome sizes and three different thin tube sizes to customise the fit. Please see our resources page for fitting instructions.

Hear It Now Sound Enhancers are built to the same standard as many of the major hearing aid brands and carry the 0297 CE (European Certification). We care about quality sound!

We ensure that each Sound Enhancers is quality checked before it leaves our hands.