Will I benefit from using a Sound Enhancer?

A Sound Enhancer is designed to enable you to hear better by amplifying the right sound and is aimed at individuals that are having slight to mild hearing challenges. 

Slight to mild hearing difficulty can be recognised by asking yourself a few questions.

Suitability questionnaire

  1. Do you turn the TV or Radio up louder to gain clarity? 
  2. In a small group of people, do I miss some of the conversation? Usually described as missing clarity of words, not missing words altogether.   
  3. Do I struggle hearing phone conversations clearly in a quiet environment?
  4. Have family or friends mentioned you are missing out on conversation, answering incorrectly?
  5. Have you started to withdraw from social activities because of your hearing ability?

A Sound Enhancer is a non-prescription hearing amplifier meaning it is not customised to each person’s hearing ability. If you require a customised hearing solution, please seek a consultation with a hearing professional.